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Правила форума Информация о действующих правилах форума, рекламной политике и контактной информации.

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Exclamation [ENG] The Forum's Rules

1. About rules.

1.1. Ignorance of rules does not exempt from liability in case of valation.
1.2. Reaffirming regestration you consent with forum's rules and vouch perform them.
1.3. In some forums there is local rules, which implementation is necessary.

2. About administration.

2.1. Forum's administration is not liable for published on forum information .
2.2. Forum's administration is not liable for forum's user's actions.
2.3. Forum's administration is not liable for provided on the forum servises.
2.4. Administration has the right to block or give a status to any forum's user without explanations.
2.5. Administration has the right to modify forum at its discretion.
2.6. Administration has the right to provide paid and free services to users.
2.7. Administration has the right to make changes in this Agreement unilaterally.
2.8. Administration has the right to change prise, type and validity of services.
2.9. Administration is authorized to edit or delete materials, published on forum by user if it violates the terms of the Agreement, or harming administration or other users.
2.10. Questions or claims to administration write only to private messadges, ICQ, JID or specialized topics.

3. About registration.

3.1. Registration on forum works free.
3.2. It's forbidden to register on forum more than one account.
3.3. It's forbidden to register with nicknames, similar with nicknames of other users.
3.4. It's forbidden to register with nicknames, similar with nicknames of famous persons in spheres of underground and e-trade.
3.6. It's forbidden to register with nicknames, similar with nicknames of forum's administrators.
3.7. It's forbidden to register with nicknames, containing web property addresses coarse and obscene expressions.
3.8. Having registered on forum, user completely agree with forum's Rules and possible consequences in case of their violation.
3.9. Registration on forum can be annulled without any explanations, and also because of violation of rules.
3.10. Registration include a nickname (login), password (password). If you forgot your password, you can reestablish by administration. For the first time it's free, but if you forgot your password again, it will be cost $50.

4. About advertising.

4.1. It's forbidden to publish advertisement, without administration's agreement.
4.2. It's forbidden to publish pseudo-posts in support of the seller or service.
4.3. To give feedback about work with the service user must have more than 5 posts. Similar posts can be removed.
4.4. It's forbidden to publish advertisement in signatures, if it
hasn't been checked by forum's administration.
4.5. It's forbidden to publish advertisement, that contradicts the Rules, including in signatures, at avatar, user's profile or any other ways.
4.8. Any user that publish advertising without checking and administration's agreement will receive penalty points, and ban.
4.9. More information about advertising on forum you can find in forum VENDORS.

5. About using Private Messages on forum .

5.1. It's forbidden to advertising services or products in PM of forum's users.
5.2. It's forbidden to make bulk mailing in PM of forum's users.
5.3. It's forbidden to send spam with questions in PM of forum's users.

6. About posting .

6.1. It's forbidden to publish posts/topics that aren't relevant to the topic of forum/theme.
6.2. It's forbidden to create topics, that has been discussed.
6.3. It's forbidden to give topics nonsensical names. (Topics with names like "Help me" or "Problem" can be deleted).
6.4. It's forbidden to post same messages/topics in one or more forums (double-posting).
6.5. It's forbidden to quote too much( over quoting).
6.6. It's forbidden to post messages separately from specially created topics for same ads.
6.7. It's forbidden to start personal correspondence in the topics.Use private messages or ICQ. Posts: "Tap into ICQ", "Posted in PM" and so on, can be deleted and user will get penalty points.
6.8. It's forbidden to flooding (with the exception of special forum).
6.9. It's forbidden to off-topic.
6.10. It's forbidden to beg and ask for debt.
6.11. It's forbidden to raise topics more than ones in 5 days.
6.12. It's forbidden to place links, that contains malicious code, to files.
6.13. It's forbidden to place direct links to websites of the banks, payments systems and so on.
6.14. It's forbidden to place links to same forums, including in signatures, at avatar, user's profile or any other ways.
6.15. It's forbidden to unreasonably insult other forum's users.
6.16. It's forbidden to post a lists with information about people, their credit cards and so on.
6.17. It's forbidden to plaсe knowingly fake information.
6.18. It's forbidden to place confidential information to forum's users(an exception it has administration agreement).
6.19. It's forbidden to create posts/topics similar with deleted posts/topics or closed themes.
6.20. It's forbidden to unreasonably raise old topics.
6.21. It's forbidden to place own ICQ number with various perverted methods (for example : 32five4zero0zero8seven)
6.22. It's forbidden to publish articles with another's name. Authors must publish only their's own articles. An exception is very useful information,that will be better not to change (for example: glossary of terms, item description and so on)
6.23. It's forbidden to copy-paste this forum's articles to another places.
6.24. It's forbidden to post contacts(ICQ, jabber, e-mail, etc.) extraneous services(use PM).
6.25. It's forbidden to publish links to extraneous services(use PM).
6.26. Copy any information of SKY-FRAUD.RU to other resources- STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and is punishable eternal ban!!!
6.27. It's forbidden to post materials terrorist orientation, and terrorism propaganda.
6.28. It's forbidden to post materials that demonstrate or promotes violence or cruelty.
6.29. It's forbidden to post materials that offends human dignity.
6.30. It's forbidden to discuss drugs and places where they are sold.
6.31. Please don't make a discuss if someone's opinion does not match with yours. And don't resent if you aren't write. Don't take a part in discussing if you always want to be write.
6.32. t's forbidden to public discussion about Moderator's and Administrator's actions to setting comments, editing messages or closing/deleting topics. Attempts to continue discussing, suppressed by Moderator, by way of creation new topic, are assessed like public discussion about Moderator's actions and are appropriately suppressed. If you want to complain about Moderator, use private messages to communicate with Administration or contacts of forum's support.

7. About activities related to CIS сarding.

7.1. It's forbidden to conduct activities directly related to the CIS сarding on the forum, namely:
7.1.1. Carding of banks or payment systems of CIS.
7.1.2. Replenishment of accounts of CIS mobile operators.
7.1.3. Work with "dirty" electronic currencies.
7.1.4. Real-shopping in CIS.
7.2. Allowed to conduct activities on forum, that does not directly affect with CIS сarding, namely:
7.2.1. Reception of staff in the CIS, from countries, that don't belong to the CIS.
7.2.2. Money transfers in the CIS from countries, that don't belong to the CIS.
7.2.3. Sale of certificates to payment systems.
7.3. List can be changed or amended without prior notice.

8. Protection of information on the forum.

8.1. Any information sinkс of this forum is unacceptable and it's regarded as a violation of one of the most important rules this resource.
8.2.It's forbidden to copy something (articles,soft and so on) on third-party resources without agreement of author of topic/post.
8.3. Violation of this rule will be considered separately by administration or users.
8.4. information sinkс will be punished with block of user or material penalty the size of which will set administration.
8.5.It's forbidden to transfer own account and personal certificate to other users.

9. Responsibility for violation of the Rules.

Violation of any of the rules above can lead to consequences like:
9.1. Deleting post/topic.
9.2. Verbal warning / scoring of penalty points.
9.3. Negative status.
9.4. Blocking.
9.5. Deletig intruder's account from the forum.
9.6. Publishing intruder's personal information on forum.
9.7. Other ways of punishment.
9.7.1. Deprivation of opportunity to write a messages for fixed term.
9.7.2. Temporary user ban from 1 to 14 days.
9.7.3. User will get permanent ban, account will be locking forever, access to the forum will be disabled, additional options, that was connected, for example: «Forum's Jabber», also will be deleted. I case of user's flagrant violation of forum's rules, for example (Work in RF or CIS), or unsubstantiated slander to user, groupes of individuals or forum's Administration. User, placed unsubstantiated knowingly untrue information, will also get permanent ban.
9.8. Administration has the right to chose the way of punishment, which considers necessary.

10. Trust level.

10.1. To get access to hidden articles at forum it's necessary to have a Trust level. The more the forum develops, the more important becomes trust level.
10.2. You can improve trust level through active activities on forum, taking a part in forum's development, publishing interesting articles with screenshots and detailed description, being plodding and trying to help other forum's users.

11. Access to hidden articles and forums.

11.1. To get access to hidden articles at forum it's necessary to have a trust level. More in paragraph 10.1 and 10.2.
11.2. When you create new article in the forum "Articles", you can't put Trust level higher than yours. If you are sure in uniqueness of your article, you can ask Administrator or support of the forum to put Trust level that you need.

More information about scoring of penalty points you can read in [Для просмотра данной ссылки нужно зарегистрироваться].

Removal of negative status or ban from 50$.

Administration has the right to refuse in removal of negative status or ban without any explanations.

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