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Старый 13.07.2018, 21:41   #1
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Аватар для Wall_Street_Store
Wall_Street_Store вне форума
Регистрация: 13.07.2018
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Smile 💵Wall Street Store [Telegram]

Good day and welcome to our shop!

Before you begin, you must carefully read and accept the following rules:

1. First of all, read all the instructions and news in the banner section of our bot.

2. Thoroughly check all information before buying. Administration and support is not responsible for your actions.

3. We accept BTC/LTC after the first confirmation. Do not contact support team right after you make a transaction!

3.1 Our shop does not offer “moneyback” option! This is technically impossible.

By topping up your balance you are automatically agreeing upon the rules.

4. Our shop has fully automated REFUND system. All refunds are based on “try2check” and “luxchecker” answers (you choose).

Note that this procedure is also automated. We can only rely on the checker`s answer!

5. Customer support service working hours: 8 AM till 8PM +3GMT. Feel free to leave your suggestions and feedback.

Our shop also has newsletter updates. There is a group where you will find all the latest news, updates and events.

5.1 We also have a ticket system. Leave your requests, questions and wishes. You should expect a reply within 72 hours.

You can create no more than three requests over one period.

5.2 Contact the support only in case you experiencing trouble. Spam messages and irrelevant questions will result in blocking.

When making request you must mention your USER ID / CARD ID / TXid / Screenshot (if necessary), try to be explicit with your questions!

Be patient, properly asked questions will be answered.

6. Our shop has a renewed loyalty system. We have bonuses and all sorts of discounts for our clients:

- We inform you about discounts with each update, that includes information about the ranks and bases (total discount, percentage, or dollars)
- Premium status purchases are limited (all the following purchases will have a regular price)
- Also, major bases and NO CVV bases does not include premium (discounts do not add up and can not exceed the cost of the card)
- All relevant information about bonuses and discounts can be found in the banner of our bot as well as in the export file.

6.1 How to get a Premium status:

Cumulative recharge amount / following cards discount (the 24 hour amount of purchases is limited)

[1stLEVEL] FROM$2000$ / $1
[2ndLEVEL] FROM$5000$ / $2
[3rdLEVEL] FROM$8000$ / $3

7. Invite bonus system:

rank user / first friend invite payment bonus

[2ndLEVEL] VIPUSER / 10%

Our team value long term relationship as well as your time.
If you agree with our policy then join us! Welcome aboard!

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[Для просмотра данной ссылки нужно зарегистрироваться]

[Для просмотра данной ссылки нужно зарегистрироваться]

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